Intensification of land resources using and forming of optimal level of intensity in the agricultural enterprises

  • Serhii Vynohradenko Kharkiv National Agrarian University named after V. V. Dokuchaev
Keywords: intensification, land resources, agricultural enterprises, productive costs, economic effectiveness, optimal level of intensity


The article analyzes the influence of increase of productive costs on material-thing, resultant components and economic effectiveness of intensification of the land resources use and the optimal level of intensity in agricultural enterprises are defined. It was improved, that, than higher indexes of material-thing constituent of intensity of employment of land resources, for identical other terms, the higher resultant and economic effectiveness of intensification are arrived at by agricultural enterprises, and inversely, but on condition that these indexes do not exceed an optimal level. It is found out, that oscillation of exit on 100 hectare of a.-g. lands of gross products on 38.5 %, commodity products – on 34.0 %, clean products – on 8.8 %, profit – on 2.7 % depends on oscillation of productive charges on unit of the land area, the middle size of that in 2014 did not attain an optimal size. As productive charges did not attain a maximum level, then it is suggested to grow them to the optimal values with simultaneous optimization of their structure that will give an opportunity substantially to promote economic efficiency of intensification of employment of land resources of agricultural enterprises.


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