World corn market: analysis, trends and prospects of its deep processing

Keywords: economic efficiency, investment process, sales of products, corn, deep processing, financing of deep processing, Ukraine.


Purpose. The purpose of the article is to determine the prospects of deep processing of corn in Ukraine, taking into account the restraining factors of development, on the basis of the analysis of the state and tendencies of functioning of the world market of corn.

Methodology / approach. During the research, general scientific and special research methods were used, in particular: analysis and synthesis, scientific abstraction – in determining the purpose and formulating conclusions; comparative, calculation, statistical and graphical ones – in the assessment, analysis, comparison and establishment of patterns of the current state and trends in the production of corn and its deep processing; program-target one – to substantiate the factors of intensification of deep processing of corn in Ukraine.

Results. The analysis was carried out and tendencies of world corn production were determined. The shares of countries-producers and countries-consumers of corn were calculated; their dynamics of changes were analyzed. Analysis of the dynamics of prices for corn grain on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange indicates that the price of raw materials is gradually declining, so agricultural enterprises that sell corn as a raw material, lose income from its production. The structure of corn use in different directions in the world was analyzed, and the structure of its use in the USA was considered in more detail. Factors of activation of deep processing of corn were identified. In Ukraine, deep grain processing as an industry is just beginning to develop, so it is worth processing corn, based on the experience of leading countries, such as the USA and China. Estimated costs for the construction of a modern plant for deep processing of corn and income from the implementation of this investment project were calculated.

Originality/scientific novelty. The scientific novelty of the study is a comprehensive analysis of the world corn market; economic substantiation of expediency of corn processing in Ukraine; improving the system of factors to intensify the development of deep processing of corn in Ukraine.

Practical value / implications. The practical value of the results of the study is that they will contribute to the formation of the concept of intensifying the development of deep processing of corn in Ukraine. The main results can be used by agro-industrial enterprises during the development of deep corn processing projects.


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