Analysis of financial performance determinants: evidence from Slovak agricultural companies

Keywords: financial performance, financial indicators, management effectiveness, agricultural companies.


Purpose. The purpose of the present study is to examine the determinants of the financial performance of the Slovak agricultural companies.

Methodology / approach. Bibliometric analysis was applied to analyze the literature, the results of the review were visualized using VOSviewer software. Panel data regression analysis, which was carried out using the GRETL software, was chosen to be the main research method for analyzing the influence of determinants on financial performance measures. 527 Slovak agricultural companies’ activity over the period 2015–2019 was chosen as the object of the study. The analysis is carried out based on the publicly available financial information (financial statements, management reports, official company websites) and information available in the “FinStat” database. Regression analysis was performed according to four developed models based on the use of four different dependent variables (Return on Assets (ROA), Net Profit Margin (NPM), Return on Equity (ROE), Return on Sales (ROS)) and 10 independent variables same for all the models (Leverage, Long-Term Debt to Assets, Short-Term Debt to Assets, Debt to Equity, Capital intensity, Tangibility of Assets, Current Ratio, Size, Dummy variable for type of ownership, Dummy variable for legal form). Fixed Effects Method was chosen as an estimate panel data parameter on the base of F-statistics test, Breusch-Pagan test, and Hausman test use.

Results. The obtained results confirm the hypothesis about the existence of a distinctive impact of financial performance determinants due to the availability of the specific environment and features typical for the Slovak agricultural sector. None of the independent variables applied has a significant effect simultaneously on Models 1–4. We observed a negative significant impact at the 1 % level of l_Size on ROA and ROE of the Slovak agricultural companies. CapInt also has a negative significant impact on NPM and ROE. DtoE is found to have a positive impact on ROE. The complete lack of influence of AsTang in determining financial performance was revealed. The used dummy variables (DVTO, DVLF) were excluded from the composition of Models 1–4 during the regression analysis due to the availability of exact collinearity.

Originality / scientific novelty. The uniqueness of the present study is that we identify the impact of the financial performance determinants specifically for the Slovak agricultural companies considering the specifics of the Slovak agricultural market in the context of the current problems in the sector of the economy being investigated.

Practical value / implications. The obtained results can be used to improve the management decisions of the Slovak agricultural companies, to critically evaluate the state policy in the agricultural sector in the Slovak Republic, as well as clarify the recommendations given by various institutions to improve this sector of the economy.


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