Peer-review process

The journal «Agricultural and Resource Economics» has a «double-blind» review process: authors are not told who reviewed their paper, and referees do not know the name of the authors whose papers they review. The peer referees’ identity remains unknown to the authors. The review procedure is anonymous.

We strongly recommend that all reviewers get acquainted with and follow COPE Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers.

The editorial board sends reviewers submitted articles according to their stated areas of expertise. Reviewers complete their reviews on a special form.

The review forms are returned to the editorial board, as a rule, within 20 days of receipt of the material.

In the event of delays in returning the reviews, the reviewer will the editorial board by e-mail.

If the reviewer has any questions, comments or requests, they will contact the editors.

According to results of reviewing the article can be published unchanged or with minor changes recommended by the reviewer, returned to the author(s) with recommendations for significant revisions and subsequently re-reviewed, or rejected.